No signal mid ride drop out on all sensors and trainer

Hi guys,
I’ve tried to use zwift yesterday and this morning as normal. Elite drivo 2, garmin HRM and garmin cadence sensor. Through ant dongle.

I connect as normal, choose a route and after between 5 and 10 mins all the sensors and trainer drop out and my avatar comes to a halt. When I load the pair screen all
Sensors are connected but show no signal. If I restart the app, I can connect again and ride for 5-10 mins before the same happens.

This has only happened since the app updated. Super annoying! Please help.

Sounds like either major interference on the 2.4GHz frequency (microwave? Baby monitor?) or a problem with your ANT+ dongle (e.g. it starts dropping out when it warms up).

I suspect that it’s the dongle. But it would be worth plugging it into a different USB port in case it’s the port that is failing.