Trainer dropping out (works with other programs)

I realize there are many posts on this, but I’m plunging ahead.

After the recent update, I was riding along using my Windows 11 PC and ANT+ dongle. After about 14km, the trainer dropped out. I tried reconnecting using the connect app. It worked for a while before dropping again. Then I connected via BT on the laptop - it worked for about 20 minutes before dropping again.

I unplugged everything, restarted the laptop, did a firmware update on the trainer (a Jetblack Volt) and tried again. It connected via BT (not ANT), but quickly lost signal. I tried ANT - it connected, worked for about 3 minutes and lost signal.

Today, I connected it to my Garmin head unit via ANT, then started Zwift. Everything paired quickly. Zwift worked for about 3 minutes on the flat route, but this time when it dropped, my Garmin kept reading it fine. So I kept riding and started Wahoo RGT, which I installed for this purpose. It worked fine until I shut down (about a 30 minute ride just to test things).

So… my trainer is sending a signal strong and stable enough to work with both my Garmin and RGT, but Zwift loses it after just a few minutes. I would prefer to stay on Zwift, but am not sure what to do at this point.

Hi, we’d love to take a deeper dive into this, but since game logs can’t be viewed on the forums, if you reach out to someone on our Tech team will be able to help!

Thank you - I’ve reached out to support.