Garmin Vector 3 Zwift iOS connection problem

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to pair my new garmin vector 3 pedals to zwift iOS via Bluetooth unsuccessfully. I’ve started restarted, opened different things in different orders, and ensured no other devices are picking up the vectors signal.

Anyone have any ideas?

Having the same issue. Appreciate any insights.

I had a chance to look into this further and it appears that Zwift currently only support Vector pedals (including the Vector 3) via ANT+. FWIW, it is stated in their FAQ as such.

“Garmin Vector (ANT+ only)”

I think it is for us to realize that it applies to all Vector, Vector 2 and Vector 3.

Also, I asked other app makers about this. Both TrainerRoad and CycleMeter indicated that they only support Vector 3 over ANT+. 

I tested the Vector 3 in Zwift using the Wahoo ANT+ Key and it works great.

Following up again, there is a firmware update on the way for the Vector 3 that will enable Bluetooth for Zwift and other apps.  Expect to see it in early December. 

Thanks to DCR and Trainer Road for providing that very useful info. 

Any news about the Vector 3 Bluetooth connection for Zwift? For me it’s still not possible to connect in this way. 

According to DCR, Garmin is now saying early January 2018 

But given all the delays they have had, I do not expect that Garmin will have the firmware until Feb 2018. 

New Vector owner here too.  

Looking forward to the firmware update for BT transmission to Zwift.

Pls keep us updated here… thanks

Any news on this at all? I have recently bought some vector 3’s and no luck with Bluetooth yet.


Just checking in as well with the same concern (in case Garmin cares).  I’m hopeful that they will get the bluetooth working on Vector 3s.  Fingers crossed for an update…

Same problem, same hope!

Pretty lame of Garmin not to have this sorted or at least an update seeing as we spend a lot of money on these devices!!
I gave up in the end and bought an ant+ dongle for zwift which seems to work really well!

Like Ben, I finally ended up getting an ant+ dongle as well, which works okay for zwift. HOWEVER, I’ll be very disappointed once the snow melts and I can get outside if I still can’t get data from these Vectors via BLE (I use Strava on an iPhone along with a Wahoo RFLKT, no ant+ connectivity).  Not really a Zwift problem, but I’m hoping that Garmin will see this and do something!  

Which ANT+ dongle works with iPhone 7 and Vector 3?


Magnus as far as I know, there aren’t any ANT+ dongles for iPhone 5 or newer, and that’s the problem.  For winter I’m connecting the Vectors to Zwift via a ANT+ dongle on my laptop, but come spring time I really hope Garmin has a fix in place.  

Latest newsis that we are looking at February for a Garmin firmware update.

Until Garmin release a Vector 3 firmware update that enables Bluetooth for Zwift and other apps, here is how you can use the pedals with a newer iOS device. 

A. Use a ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge

     (Note: I have not used this approach, but others have done so sucessfully)

    This may also be a good way to get the Vector 3 working with RFLKT

B. Use the Wahoo ANT+ Key along with a 30 pin to lightning adapter

    (Note: This is how I currently use the Vector 3 pedals.
     However, the key seems to be out of stock.

     Also, with the latest iOS updates, I keep having to reinsert the key to get arond the “Accessory not supported” messages)

   Also need the 30 Pin Adapter for Lightning

IMHO, since we are only  a few weeks away from a firmware update, you are better off waiting.





 Vector 3 firmware update that enables Bluetooth for Zwift and other apps is now available!

More info:



From November 18th - Feb 8th. Good thing i wasnt planning on using these on the trainer all winter :-/