Garmin vector 3 pedels

I have the same problem as everyone else (I have read a lot of posts), using zwift and vector 3 pedals, they won’t show up inside zwift.

I have tried to upgrade them to version 3.8, they works fine with my edge 530, but not with zwift.

I have disabled bluetooth on my pc, disabled bluetooth on my phone, and shutdown my edge 530, but no luck.

I am using a bkool v2.

Could you make a guide or something to guide me and everyone else?

Thank you in advance,

Have you tried a ANT+ dongle?

Hi Gerrie,
Bkool2 has a ANT+ dongle, and I am only using that - would you suggest getting a better (generic) ANT+ dongle?

I did not use that dongle. Can you try a different usb port and an extension cable?

Thanks Gerrie,

I have tried a different usb port , with and without an extension cable, same result - the ant+ dongle is working fine for heart rate monitor and for the bkool2. (powersource, cadance and controllable).

It looks like the vector pedals is not sending any ant+ informations).

i’m using V3 pedals with a kinetic R&R, using an old 2011 era IMac, with Ant+ and bluetooth (dongles, (newer version that imacs built in BT… some times BT needs to be turned off, dongle disconnected, reconnected then BT turned back on))
I can connect pedals using Ant+ or bluetooth without any problems for cadence and power

( have to make sure trainer power isn’t connected and using BT make sure other devices iphone, ipod, ipad… haven’t claimed the pedals bluetooth. Ant+ can go to garmin 803 at same time)