Garmin Vector 3 Pedals

Hello I just purchased the garmin vector 3 pedals and they do not seem to be working in zwift properly. They do show up in the pairing screen. These pedals are dual and not just the single side. I am connecting Bluetooth. I also am connecting my tacx neo 2 and my heart rate monitor via Bluetooth. I am using the power meter for cadence and power and the neo 2 as controllable. Once I start the ride it takes a while to start moving although I am pedaling. If I stop pedaling the avatar rolls off and does not stop moving even though I stopped pedaling. It makes no sense.

With this setup do I need to connect ant +? I am on a MacBook Pro. Please help!

Hi @Peter_McKenzie
First things to try are some Bluetooth matters on MacOS.

If those steps don’t resolve it, there are some known issues with Garmin Vector 3 and 3S pedals that they addressed.Would you verify which generation you have by looking carefully at the battery door?

Please be sure not to overtorque the battery cover. Details in the axle maintenance instructions.

Lastly, you can get an ANT+ dogle for your MacBook and try connecting via that instead of Bluetooth. The first time you pair, it will probably show up as “Powermeter XXX” but after the first session, it’ll change to “Garmin PWR.”

Will you loop back and let us know how it went?

Thank you for the quick response. Attached are some pictures. I have ordered the tacx ant+ adapter. Can you tell by the picture if I have the original or new design for the battery cover?

Looks like the new cover to me, but you may want to ask on the Garmin forum if you want the latest info from their end.