New user/owner of Tacx Neo 2T - connection problems!

Just bought a 2nd Tacx Neo 2T - I have one already. One for my partner. It connected immediately to my Zwift account via ANT+ using my Macbook Air. Tried to set it up with a new/different Zwift account using a Pixel 7a for Zwift, and an ANT+ . His bike has Garmin powermeter 3S pedals. It pairs on Zwift but it says there is “no signal”. What does this mean? And why did it connect immediately with my set-up and not his?

i’m not sure i can help much, but my wife and I also have tacx neos and don’t have any problems. I wonder if the garmin powermeter pedals are a problem as the tacx doesn’t need them and they may be interfering.

Has Pixel 7a ANT+ connectivity? I would try Bluetooth.

Thanks Chris. We found that a Pixel 7a needs an additional App (ANT USB service) to enable use of ANT+. Once that had been added the Tacx Neo 2T connected with no problems.

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