Tacx neo 2 won’t pair with zwift and powermeter bike

I have a Giant propel advanced pro 1 with power meter and Zwift does not find the neo 2 only my Giant powermeter. With android phone it found nothing, with IPad only the powermeter. Does anyone how I can pair with Zwift?


  1. ensure all the apps up to date
    2 . ensure you are not using the TACX app at same time as zwift
    3 . make sure you are only using bluetooth on zwift and not for other devices to prevent drop out

should work

Everything is updated. My phone finds the neo 2 via normal Bluetooth but Zwift does not. Whatever I trie, I doesn’t find anything.

After trying a lof of times, it worked with the IPad but android phone did not.
Anyway it seems te work now. It is alway the same, plug and pray.

If it’s connected with phone directly, it won’t connect with Zwift - BLE is one connection only!

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