Cadence Pairing

HI all
I have a wahoo trainer which l pair with zwift on my laptop and also use the zwift companion app.
I can pair my wahoo cadence sensor but drops out 5 mins into a ride
My Wahoo HR strap will pair only occasionally.
I have checked battery in both with volt metre and they are reading ok

Thoughts on why this is happening
I have no other wireless hardware in the room


Mine does the same and its extremely annoying. However. Ive found if i searched for the device using my phone’s blue tooth rather than just via the app this seems to work.

How are you pairing the trainer to the laptop? Are you using an ant+ dongle to pair to a pc or are you using bluetooth to pair to a mac? In either case why not also pair the cadence and hr meters in the same way? The Wahoo cadence and hr meters broadcast both ant+ and bluetooth signals.

In any event, here is a link to some really good troubleshooting tips.’t-pair-(cycling)-HJ5WR1ZHX

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I dont go through the app l just use my phone

I dont use an Ant+ either , i do pair the cadence and HR the same way and they both drop out or HR just does not connect

Very frustrating


It is frustrating when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

Are you saying that you pair your trainer, cadence and heart rate all through the companion app in order to bridge to the Zwift game running on your laptop? Is your laptop a pc or mac? Is your phone an Android or iphone?

I use my phone to pair.

I plug in wahoo

Turn on bluetooth on phone

I turn on zwift

I turn on app

I then pair on my windows laptop through zwift app on my laptop.

As per attached. It connects. Then within seconds of riding disappears.

Cheers Sally

I think that pairing directly to your computer using ant+ would be more stable than using bluetooth through the companion app. You would need to get an ant+ dongle and a usb extension cable. Here is a link at the Zwift store:

In the meantime here is a link with some troubleshooting tips for pairing with the companion app:’t-pair-(cycling)-HJ5WR1ZHX