Bluetooth companion app vs computer

I’m just curious whether there is any advantage when pairing devices directly to the computer or through the companion app. I always pair my devices (Wahoo kickr bike and Tickr Fit HR monitor) through my laptop running windows 10 and have the companion app running on the side to look at map giving ride one to other zwifters. So far, I haven’t had any issues with bluetooth drop out. My husband has his set up next to me (Wahoo Kickr’17 trainer, RPM cadence sensor, Tickr HR monitor). He use Zwift on his windows 10 laptop (that is faster than mine), but pairs his devices through the companion on his android phone. He has frequent problems connecting to the cadence sensor and some of his devices drop out randomly during the ride.

I assume that my devices are newer and I have fewer things to connect because the Kickr bike also serves as a cadence sensor which probably helps, but I’m wondering whether pairing via computer or phone makes any differences at all in the connection quality. I also would appreciate bluetooth connection tips. Thanks!

If you have a computer with BTLE built in, and Zwift supports it, I would recommend using that instead of the companion app.

The BTLE companion app functionality is primarily there to allow devices (like Apple TV) to use more than 2 BTLE devices.

The less things in the chain to go wrong the better. I see no reason to use companion app (if the pc has Bluetooth itself.)

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