Help with trainer/cadence/hrm

This is gonna be a long post, but thanks in advance.

Using pixel 3, kickr snap, topeak HRM, and topeak spd/cad. Laptop running Windows 10 and BT 4.0 dongle.

On their own, each of my accessories pairs fine with my phone, and works fine in other apps. However, as soon as I enter zwift game, signal drops from all but one of my sensors (usually the snap stays connected).

Also, both phone and laptop say they are connected via companion app, but nothing happens when I start riding. BT on my laptop works fine connecting to phone and speakers and stuff, but zwift for windows doesn’t see my BT dongle at all.

I also need a bigger screen because I need glasses to read and I sweat ALOT during workouts.

So, does anyone have experience with a tablet that uses kickr snap, HRM, and cadence all at the same time?


I’m not sure I understand your issue correctly, but it sounds like you are trying to connect BT to both the Pixel 3 and the laptop at the same time. BT can only connect to one device at a time, however. So, the Snap, HRM, and cadence sensors should likely all be connected to whatever device is actually running the Zwift game (which sounds like it would be the laptop). The Zwift Companion app would then be run on the Pixel and none of the devices need to be connected to it (though the laptop and the Pixel would need to be on the same network).

Also, for a ‘big screen’, have to thought about picking up an Apple TV and connecting that to a flatscreen in your house? This setup works great for me.

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I know BT accessories can only connect to 1 device at a time. The problem I’m encountering is that zwift, whether on laptop or on phone, will only allow 1 accessory to remain connected during the game.

Are there any tablets out there that zwift supports a connection from trainer, HRM, and cadence all at the same time?

This might help:

BLE and Windows 10 as it relates to Zwift is a crap shoot. Good luck!

Zwift seems to be in complete denial since their competition seems to have figured it out.

Personally I am convinced that ANT+ FE-c is the way to go on Windows.


That list is as useful as ■■■■ on a nun. Zwift runs fine on my phone, but it can’t run cadence and HRM at the same time.

What device can run zwift and smart trainer and cadence and HRM?

There are many that work, Zwift used to have a list of devices, looks like they switched to just minimum specs as the list was pretty long and probably took way too many resources to constantly update.

my laptop, an 18 month old Dell, with Win 10 can connect to multiple bluetooth devices at the same time, maybe your bluetooth dongle can’t, or needs a driver update? I switched to ANT+ 5 months ago due to constant bluetooth dropouts and signal interference. I would suggest you try ANT+ instead of bluetooth, unless your devices can’t use ANT+ obviously.

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My HRM and spd/cad sensors are BT, and my laptop is pretty old. A new tablet that works would probably be better than upgrading all my sensors and crossing my fingers.

Anyone here have good luck with a tablet running zwift and several BT devices all at once?

Apple TV is probably your lowest cost option at $149, but can only take 3 bluetooth connections and one is reserved for the remote.

have you tried updating the drivers for your laptop, it might work!

Cost isn’t the most important issue. My laptop is up to date. The BT dongle I use seems to connect to as many devices as I want.

This really comes down to which devices zwift actually supports properly. There not much point in training on the bike without cadence and HR.

I had already ordered new wahoo sensors. Just ordered an ant+ dongle. Wish me luck.

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That should work. My experience with Zwift on Win10 so far (using sensors and a trainer that are bilingual ANT+/BLE) is that ANT+ is a lot more stable, with the same antenna position. I run Zwift over ANT+ and TrainerRoad over BLE in parallel, Wahoo Tickr and Candence sensors. No issue.