Cadence Only Bluetooth Stages

Is it meet or if use Zwift via ANT+ can pair to the Stages Power Meter just for cadence but if connect via Bluetooth the Stages has to be the power source (found this out today as bought a Apple TV for it!!)

I tend to use the Kickr Core as the power source

I have the same question, my cadence from my stages shows up on the companion app, but not on my main screen. Would like to see my cadence from by stage and get power from Kickr.

Same question/request. I have to unpair from my Wahoo KCKR, pair to Stages Power, only then can I connect to Stages Cadence. Once I’ve connected I have to reconnect to the Wahoo KCKR for power.

This is frustrating because I can pair with Stages Cadence only in TrainerRoad, on the same HW platform (iMac)

Has there been an answer to this? Anyone go to technical support? For $15/mo this seems like a simple ask.

Hi @Frank_Buckley

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What are the problem you have?

Trying to add my stages power meter / cadence sensor to zwift as cadence sensor only. My wahoo kickr is my trainer and I use it for power.

I select cadence sensor and my stages doesn’t show up for selection. I can connect to the stages via the stages app just fine. Not sure why zwift doesn’t see it

Frank B.

Try a different sequence. Start with cadence. It should work I use a SARIS H3 with my Assioma pedals as cadence.