Stages Power Meter and Cadence Reading

I know this has been posted about several times, but each time the responses tail off with no real answer from Zwift. So I’m posting again hoping for a clear answer from Zwift.

When using my Stages Power meter with Zwift via ANT+, it shows up as a power meter but does not show up for cadence. I have tried forcing the discovery but that does not work either. Others have reported they have to be turning the cranks in order for Zwift to also connect for cadence. I have not found this to work (and besides this seems unnecessary). With my Garmin I always get power and cadence detected right away.

Once I start riding in Zwift I do see a cadence reading on the screen, but how do I know if it is coming from my Stages or is it estimated by Zwift?

I’d really like Zwift to provide some clarity on the expected behavior for cadence when using a Stages power meter.


If you are having issues connecting it as a cadence source and want a direct answer from Zwift you should submit a ticket, they will likely request some logs from your rides:


I think I have found a fix. After submitting a ticket and logs, I spent an hour re-reading all the previous posts on this and doing some Google searches. A few people hinted that actually riding i.e. making power while Zwift was discovering ANT+ devices made a difference. Just spinning the cranks to wake up the Stages is not enough. So I tested this out by starting Zwift and before I spun the cranks I instead got on the bike and began pedaling. All of a sudden Zwift found Stages for both power and for cadence. 

So, it appears that the cadence function on Stages is not active unless you are actually pedaling and producing power, at least for Zwift anyway. I restarted Zwift again and both power and cadence were detected again. Hopefully it will work this way each time I ride on Zwift.