Stages Cadence Reading

I can find my stages power meter for power, but it will not show up on the cadence list. Anyone else had this issue? I do have a garmin speed sensor attached, which is keeps trying to pair for the cadence as well.

I had a similar problem using my garmin, just take the magnet off the cadence sensor and see if it grabs the cadence from your stages. Is there a reason you’re using the cadence sensor at all since the stages handles cadence for you? Also update your stages firmware if you haven’t lately.

I only have the garmin sensor for speed and distance. I don’t have the cadence magnet on my bike. My Edge picks up the cadence from the stages, but can’t get zwift too.

try again to connect but when you pair your devices do not pair the speed sensor and see if that works, i had issues with stages and my garmin so i just bought the garmin speed only sensor. their new sensor is also easier to swap that out from wheel to wheel.

I got it to work, just had to pair the power meter first then the speed/cadence sensor with the cadence magnet removed. Restart zwift and it chose Stages as the cadence

@Allan Watkins - I don’t think you understand @Anth Hubbards question (I think…)  I found this thread because when you pair the Stages power, the same crank arm also supplies cadence (no Garmin, no magnet, just an ANT+ msg from the crank arm to our Garmin Edge computers), but the Zwift application isn’t picking up the ANT+ cadence signal from the Stages crank arm.  I’ve already missed cadence in a couple of workouts where in the warm up, they tell you to use high/low cadence at the same wattage.  There must be a bug in the Zwift desktop app that prevents it from picking up the ANT+ cadence signal from the Stages crank arm, the way that our Garmin Edge computers are able to.

Anyone know a workaround here?  I’ve opened a support ticket, but so far nothing.  @Anth Hubbard - would love to know what your work around was (you didn’t come back to this page since Nov.)?

@Dan Dattilo, I think i am having the same behaviour with my stages (new model, latest firmware). Zwift seems to calculate the cadence on screen while I see the “real” cadence on my Garmin computer. I am wondering if you got a response from your ticket.

Just a note to say I also have the exact same setup as the OP and suffer the same issue. Stages power is found easily but cadence wrongly pairs to the speed sensor with no cadence magnet fitted.

I’ll remove the magnet and actually pedal with my foot to see if that sends the signal. (needed with Stages as pedalling by hand doesn’t work)

I guess once it’s paired, Zwift will try and find the Stages device first on the next boot up? It’d be nice to be able to type the ANT code for sensors.


I recently switched my computer from my sons gaming PC to a MacBook Pro, and the problem went away; my ANT+ sensor now picks up the Stages cadence messages. 

I’m not sure why so many people have magnets with a Stages power meter; it doesn’t need a magnet to generate cadence.

I did recently (last Sat) update the Stages firmware.  If you haven’t dome that in a while, I’d definitely try that immediately.

I wish I had a better specific work-around for you, but I don’t.  FWIW - I did select the power meter first, then the cadence sensor paired.

ps - why are you using your Garmin?  That could absolutely be messing with your ANT+ sensor.  You do not need the Garmin for anything, unless you are trying to log the workout with Garmin Express?  Zwift automatically syncs your workout with Strava, so…

I just used the Garmin for reference. I don’t see any cadence data on Zwift (it is greyed out). I am also not using a magnet or anything. Both power and cadence read out fine on my Garmin. I kill Garmin express on my PC, which is also advised when you start up Zwift with Garmin express running. The cadence that Zwift sends to strava is calculated or something, not the real cadence that i was running on my bike.

When I try to pair, it does only recognize the stages power meter. I am never opted to select a cadence source at all.

Like i said, using the latest model of stages and i updated the software on last sunday. To go short: you have fixed it by changing operating system, but have not heard a response from Zwift support? I will just open a support ticket of my owm.

Thx for the responses!!

@Dan, you absolutely need the Garmin as that is the benchmark for all metrics. Things like TSS, IF, NP etc. I only use Zwift as a stimulant - something pretty to look at while I do my “workout” via a bluetooth connected iPad running TrainerRoad. (Stages outputs Power/Cadence via both ANT+/BLE) All Garmin data is then imported into Gold Cheetah for deep archive and analysis.

There is a magnet on the Garmin speed/cadence sensor as this records wheel speed. It’s on the bike for when I’m outdoors but the cadence magnet has been removed as the Stages obviously outputs this metric. It’s just odd that when everything is unpaired, Stages cadence never pairs on Zwift. I’ll have to have a fiddle with it tonight while drinking a beer! :) 



I’m having this problem as well. Gen 2 Stages, current firmware, no Garmin paired, no extra cadence sensors or magnets. Stages pairs as power meter but Zwift won’t see it as a cadence sensor. When I first installed the Stages, it didn’t work. Then one day, it started working for about a week. Now, it can’t find it again. Definitely a software issue. Zwift???

Same issue as Mike above. Gen 2 Stages, not using a Garmin or any other sensors or magnets. The Stages works fine as a power meter on Zwift but I get no cadence information. The weird thing is that when I upload to Strava the cadence data is there, so it must be recording on Zwift, but not displaying.

Yes, you are right Rowan. I just looked at my Strava and the cadence info is there too. I know it is the actual cadence because I was doing some high cadence drills and they showed up in Strava, but the cadence in Zwift was simulated cadence. Strange.

After the last Zwift update and a firmware update on my stages powermeter, Zwift is showing cadence again.

Same Issue. Can connect Stages Power, but does not show up as cadence sensor. Latest Firmware installed, in the Stages APP (BLT) the cadence is ok.

Has this issue been resolved? I’m using a Stages power meter as my power/cadence sensor, and a Garmin rear hub speed sensor. I was formerly using a Garmin cadence sensor. How do I get Zwift to detect my Stages power meter as my cadence sensor? It only detects power and speed.

Looking for an update here too

Choose to forget all ant devices in Zwift setup.

Make sure to spin the stages crank backwards to wake it and then search for the device in the power tab. Select it.

Then go cadence and select stages.

Each time you log in, they’ll auto connect when spinning the crank backwards