Stages Cadence

If Zwift is reading and displaying my Stages cadence, then does that stop my Garmin 800 and Garmin 1000 that I use to also record the ride from capturing cadence?  This was not a problem when I used a Wattbike instead of my Wahoo Kickr.   thanks.   

It shouldn’t. Zwift is just receiving the data from your Stages, and your Garmin should be doing the same thing. If you’re seeing something different, let us know!

Jason, half way through my workout yesterday, my zwift using my wahoo kickr was showing about 10 rpm less than my garmin watch paired on my stage cadence meter. It would cap at ~90 rpm even though I was spinning at 105rpm. I kept failing my stars :frowning: what’s the issue and how do i fix it?

Same issue for me.  Zwift’s cadence is about 10 to 20 rpms higher than what shows on my Garmin.  I am using a Stages power meter.  Also I am not using a smart trainer.