Bluetooth HR strap for Zwift Android

Has anyone had any success getting a HR strap to pair with Zwift for running in the Android version? I have multiple HR straps here, Garmin Ant+/Bluetooth and Polar. I can’t get any of them to connect with Zwift in the Android version.

I’m using a Zwift pod which works fine, but would like it to give me HR data as well.

Anyone have any recommendations for a compatible chest strap I could buy?



Odd that none of yours works - they are not maybe connecting to something else via Bluetooth as well?

My Wahoo Tickr (X or Run, not sure) works well with my Android tablet.

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Never been one to admit defeat so have gone back over all the settings. I have a (fairly) cheap BT/Ant+ strap. (CooSport). The problem seems to have been as you suggested, the BT signal was locked onto something else and not being picked up by my phone. Found the problem was my watch (Garmin FR935XT) was capturing both signals (BT and Ant+). Once I’d identified that as the issue I deleted the BT version of the HR from the watch and Zwift picked it up straight away. Did my first Zwift run with HR last night - everything working great now