Why I can't connect a Garmin Heart Rate Strap to Zwift via Bluetooth?

hey guys / and girls!
once again I am here with my newby questions:
Is it normal that my Garmin Heart Rate strap can’t be found on the bluetooth searching of (Here Rate Monitor) on the Zwift?
if this is normal, how can I connect my Garmin Strap there?
I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I am using a Garmin watch Fenix 5 plus Sapphire, (which is also not connected to my Zwift account, which is also not giving me the option “Virtual Run” - thou it is running on the latest software update).
thank you for all, and good ride(s) everyone.

Hi @Lincon_Rodrigues

I don’t know that model, but can you check if it is Bluetooth compatible. Most of the garmin HR straps is only ANT+

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That is a Garmin Tri HRM and it is ANT+ only. I know this because I have owned a few of them.


@Gerrie_Delport, @Paul_Allen, I am so outdated, I always thought it is connecting to my Garmin watch via bluetooth… :frowning: embarrassing! gotta check that out asap!
cheers guys!


so, the best/simplest solution would be to buy another Heart rate strap (one that supports Bluetooth connection), and use it exclusively with my Zwift account? if yes, which brands are Zwift Friendly? does the heart rate strap also should be “compatible” with the Home Trainer (Kinetic R1 T7000)?
sorry for the “rookie stuff”.

I use a Garmin Dual and have had zero issues.

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Garmin Dual or Wahoo Tickr would be my suggestions.

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One other thing if you are using Windows or Mac you can get a USB ant+ dongle to communicate with the ANT+ garmin HR strap.

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thank you all guys,
I guess it will be the answer then, going for a Garmin Dual,
already ordering it right away!!! surely I am learning a lot in here!


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Make sure your hr unit is BT and if you are not connected with to many units (phone, bike unit, …)


Hi there I’m also having a problem connecting my garmin fenix 5 plus heart rate
to Zwift. I have broadcast the Bluetooth and even plugged the watch into my laptop but its not working.

I think the Fenix 5 only broadcast in ANT+


It’s a fenix 5 plus and others say it’s just a matter of broadcasting the heart rate :thinking:

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Thanks im going to look at my chestvstrap as that should do it

Thanks for making this post.
I have two of the Garmin Dual HRMs and I BT drops just about every ride. I don’t have BT drops on trainer or speed cadence, just HRM, so I thought it was the HRM - BT problem with the Garmin Dual and accepted it as a way of life.
I will see what I can figure out now that I know the Garmin Dual works well for some people.

What is the rest of your setup? Perhaps some of the wiser Forum posters can help you diagnose the issue/s.

The new HRM-Pro should work with Zwift (Bluetooth). I got mine yesterday, but I didn’t try yet.
Because this strap has BLE, which other Garmin straps don’t have.

I have same HR strap. And bought Suunto movestick usb (cheaper than Garmin Atn+ usb).
It works but every few minutes zwift lost HR data :confused: I don’t know where Is problem…