Heart rate not connected

Hi all. Very new to all things Zwift so pleas bear with me. I’m having problems connecting my Garmin heart rate strap. It’s fairly old, it’s ant+ so I thought it should connect ok. I have tried disconnecting it from my Garmin head unit but it still didn’t work?

Also I’m still in the free period and I can’t find anything in the settings to share my Zwift rides on Strava? Any help there would also be much appreciated.

Thanks all!!!

What device do you use for Zwift, does the devie have ANT+ capability?

Sounds like it’s a hrm2 or 3. Ant+ only.

Give us a full run down of your setup and we’ll get you sorted.

You need to link your Strava to Zwift.

Follow this to do it.

It’s a Garmin HRM 1 ANT+

The setup is a Zwift Hub trainer using my xiaomi 11 lite 5g phone and casting it to my TV

Many thanks

It’s highly likely then that your phone doesn’t support ant+

A quick search reveals ant+ isn’t supported on Xiaomi phones and certainly not later versions of Android.

You could try and install the Ant+ plug in & radio services via Google Play. These two apps may work.

If not you may need to upgrade to a BT HRM.

Ok. Thanks for the help. I have managed to connect to Strava now, will try the ant+ plug in app for now and see what happens

Do you have an ANT+ dongle for the phone? You would need that as well.

You might find this app useful for debugging ANT+ on Android

Cheap Bluetooth HRMs such as Coospo generally work well with Zwift. If you don’t already have the ANT+ dongle, I’d probably just go straight to Bluetooth rather than working on ANT+ support for your device.

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Bonus: your Zwift Hub can bridge an ANT+ HRM and include that signal with the other data (power, cadence) it’s sending over Bluetooth. Do this: Pairing a Heart Rate Monitor to the Zwift Hub

From there, you can pair the Hub via Bluetooth to whatever device you have Zwift running on.

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