Zwift+Garmin HRM Dual + Macbook Pro

Hey, community.

Despite the negative feedback that I found on the forum about this combo, I still decided to pull the trigger and get a Garmin HRM Dual strap, to complement the above mentioned combination.
My excitement was short and when I tried to connect the strap in the Zwift, it didn’t show up. I tried searching it via iPhone and Garmin Fenix 5, both devices saw the HR strap and were able to connect it to themselves.

Do you have any tips and tricks to troubleshoot this and to try to solve the issue? The strap is completely new, the batteries are new, other devices see the HRM. Should I really consider ANT+ dongle+old Garmin strap instead?

The annoying thing (for now) about Bluetooth is the ‘connect to one device at a time’ restriction. I have used my HR Dual with my MBP to ride in Zwift.

  1. you don’t want to actually pair the strap to the MBP - let Zwift find it (as opposed to pairing it in the Setting / Bluetooth on the MBP)
  2. un-pair it from all devices (like the iPhone). easy hack for this test would be to turn off Bluetooth on the phone.
  3. Since it’s a Dual, you can actually connect it to the Fenix via Ant+ or Bluetooth - make sure it’s using the Ant+ (to free up the Bluetooth to connect to Zwift via the MBP)
  4. put it on, open Zwift, and see if it will connect

See what happens!

Thanks, Brett.

I will try it this evening. Will report the status.