Garmin HRM dual connection

Hi to all

I am using since almost 5 weeks Zwift with an Elite Suito. When I try to connect my Garmin HRM dual to Zwift via my iPad Pro sometimes it works and most of the times it is not working, Zwift can not find my HRM! No problem to connect my Elite
I still have not figured out why!? Can somebody help and give me a reason or help to fix the issue…?

Thanks to all

Gianluca from Luxembourg

Hi @Gianluca_Castellani

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Did you replace the batteries recently.

Do you wet the HR strap pads before putting it on.

I assume it is a duel band HR strap Bluetooth and Ant+

Thanks for responding
Yep it’s a HRM strap with Ant+ and Bluetooth
No I did not change the battery and yes strap is wet (it connects easily with my Fenix 5x plus

I have the sabe problem with HRM-dual

Hi man! Did you work this out? I have the same issue and would be very interested for a solution.

Adam from Sweden :slight_smile:

Hi Adam

Yes solved it I downloaded the update on my iPad. Than you should ensure you have n’ont her application open, like Strava or other applications!
The last 10-15 times I did not have an issue

Let me know if it works


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