Garmin HRM Pro Pairing

I just brought the Garmin HRM Pro to work together with my Garmin Fenix 5 Plus which is working a treat.

I read that the Garmin HRM Pro with both Ant+ and BT should work but i have tried everything i can think of:

  1. Confirmed battery is great in sensor
  2. Confirmed that the BT function on my new strap is working well and can link to my iphone, ipad, garmin watch etc etc (I have deleted from all of these to try to link it to the app by itself)
  3. Confirmed Zwift app is latest version on ipad
  4. Logged out and back in again to app on ipad
  5. deleted app and reinstalled it
  6. Drank lots of coffee to try work it out

ok so if there is something simple i have missed i would truly love to have help to get this going.

I tried to find the swift pod online and its only sold in australia at 3x the normal price. kinda sad

cheers Eddie


There is a long standing issue connecting that HRM with Zwift. What device are you running Zwift on?


He’s running it on iPad as written :wink:

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I saw iPhone mentioned but that way linking to the strap.

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Thank you, why can’t they all just get along. Few posts I read here said it works so that’s why I asked you all if I am missing something? :woman_shrugging:

Yes the bt function works well for everything except zwift :confused:

No help for you, I don’t use any Apple devices. But I have the Garmin HRM-PRO and haven’t had any problems with it, both using Windows 10+11(sometimes using Ant+ or Bluetooth companion app) and Android tablet (Bluetooth)…I dual track ride and runs with my Garmin FR245 as well.
Drink more coffee…if you don’t fix it at least you be buzzing :wink:

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ok so looking outside the box and another coffee later i have installed Zwift onto my laptop but this must be a cruel joke because Zwift doesn’t load past the first pop up of " LETS GO" which I have clicked and it just sits in my background processes in task manager… ok so I thought it was a great idea to load onto my laptop but alas to no avail…
Looking like I will have to pay the $7.99 for the app that tells Zwift how fast I am traveling. (I was hoping to not have to go down that road)

Anything else I might be missing?

Cheers again Eddie

Try using Runcline… haven’t used it myself but it gets great reviews from Apple users…and I think it’s free

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You were always going to need something to report speed to Zwift.

The HRM pro is not a speed source.

That’ll explain your pairing problems if you were trying to pair it as a speed source.

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already paid the other but i will trial this one so can review for others later :slight_smile:

I was on the understanding that the vertical oscillation metric which is cadence + Heart rate to prove I am actually doing it :wink: