Zwift doesn't see my HR, although it sees other devices.


I have a problem with pairing my HR strap (Suunto Dual with ant+). I connect all my devices with Zwift through usb ant+ stick, everything apart from the HR works fine, Zwift sees my power meter (both for power and cadence) and even my old speed sensor.

The HR strap itself works fine with my Suunto Ambit2.

Any suggestions how to make it work?

Hi Mike - There are two common issues for the Suunto HRM not pairing.  The  most common is that the majority of Suunto HRM’s run on a proprietary ANT channel which Zwift does not have access too.  This could explain why it pairs with the Ambit2 but not with Zwift.  If you look at your HRM, it should either say “ANT” or “ANT+” if it says “ANT” this is the case.  If it says “ANT+” that is an open protocol that Zwift can connect to and the issue is most likely a weak battery.  If you have the ANT+ version, try replacing your battery and see if that works :) 

thank you for your answer! The “pictograms” on the HR strap are very small, but I’m quite sure that it is “ANT” only. So, unfortunately, I need to monitor my HR “separately” while Zwifting.

Well, you can’t always get what you want :wink:


My Suunto HR strap is Bluetooth. It pairs randomly. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Brad - the usual reason for this is because the HR strap is connected via Bluetooth to another device so Zwift can’t see it.  Try disconnecting it from any other devices that it pairs to before launching Zwift and it should have no problems connecting.  If that doesn’t work, open a support ticket and we can continue to help you troubleshoot.