Suunto HR issue

(Lee) #1

Hi all

Cannot get my suunto Hr monitor to work has anyone had this issue or is it just me.


(Paul) #2

Which Suuto HRM?
What are you running the Zwift app on (PC, Mac, iOS, ATV, or Android)?
How are you trying to connect (Bluetooth or ANT+)?
Has it connected before?

More info is needed to assist you in resolving your issue. Feel free to add additional info that you have

(Lee) #3

Suunto Duel

Using I pad

Does connect to my watch but not zwift

Ant or Bluetooth don’t know sorry very new to this

(Lee) #4

Sorry Suunto Dual

(Paul) #5

Ok, it looks like the Suuto Duel only broadcast in ANT+:

The iPad will on receive Bluetooth signals.

You have a couple options in getting it to connect:

  1. Use CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal from the HR Monitor to the iPad
  2. Use a Duel Band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr
(Paul) #6

Looks like there might be a couple different versions on that HRM, can you tell me the model number of the one you have.

(Lee) #7

Thanks for all your help much appreciated

(Lee) #8

The Hr strap was faulty now sorted