Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR pairing to Zwift

Hello there,
I joined Zwift a couple of weeks back and absolutely loving it, the only thing I can’t get to work is pairing my Suunto watch with the app as it won’t find it.

I’m using Wahoo Kickr Core and an Ipad with Zwift along with my Iphone 6 Plus for companion app.
My watch pairs with my phone fine but again isn’t recognised on Zwift, only pairs with Suunto app and then Strava.

Do I need a new wearable HR monitor to work with Zwift- has anyone come across this before?


Hi @Andy_Kerr_2260

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I don’t have a Suunto so I can’t confirm if it should work. Does the suunto broadcast real time HR data over Bluetooth?

Not many Wrist watches has that option.

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Hi Gerrie,
Thanks for response. I don’t think it does no, can view HR changing on the watch obviously but for analysing purposes it then has to sync workout with the phone which then uploads and you can view HR over the workout period.
Sounds like I need a HR monitor separate to the watch!


Hi @Andy_Kerr_2260 welcome to Zwift forum.
Looking at the page for the Spartan Sport watch, it appears the watch is not able to send a heart rate signal that pairs directly to the Zwift app.

It appears the watch needs to pair via Bluetooth to Suunto’s own app.
Image 005

Further, it looks like they have agreements with a handful of third-party apps, but your HR data syncs with them only after the workout’s over.

Thanks Shooj and for the welcome.
Sounds like I need to get a HR monitor then which will pair directly with Zwift that has Bluetooth capability I’m guessing.
Wahoo Tickr any good? I’ll do some research…

Thanks again

I have a Wahoo TickrFit for indoor riding and this is the one that’s on an arm / wrist strap. I’ve heard that people with smaller forearms report the wrist strap doesn’t keep the sensor in place and HR data can fluctuate for them. YMMV, but I’m very happy with my TickrFit. The thing I like about all of Wahoo’s HR sensors is that it broadcasts in both Bluetooth and ANT+ and that makes it more versatile when using it with Zwift, a bike computer, or some other fitness-tracking thing.

Garmin’s HR sensors are chest strap only I think, and only one model is dual-protocol. The others are ANT+ only.

If you use Zwift on AppleTV, you should consider the 4iiii Viiiva. This device can act as a Bluetooth bridge, meaning that it will read the ANT+ signal from your cadence, speed, or power sensor, and convert it to Bluetooth so the AppleTV can receive it. More information about that on the Support Hub.

Thanks for the advice shooj- very informative!