Suunto HR monitor sync


I have been waiting for an age for Wattbike to eventually send me a HR monitor after i bought a Wattbike atom, they send me a Suunto HR monitor and it just wont sync with Zwift. I have tried everything i can but it just doesn’t want to even be found in the search for Hr monitor pair screen.

Have i missed something basic ?

What operating system do you use for Zwift. Do you connect with ANT+ or BlueTooth.

Hi Gerrie, thanks for the reply. I am using Bluetooth through my ipad and showing it on my TV through apple tv.

Is that HR monitor Bluetooth?

The Suunto Comfort Belt or Dual Comfort Belt are ANT (not ANT+) and IND compatible.

I have a Dual Comfort Belt and cannot find a way to make Zwift take its signal. Tried to use the Suunto Movestick mini (a usb ANT receiver), wich is made to send data from some Suunto watches to a computer, but it doesn’t work.
Curiuosly, the Movestick mini does pair (ANT) with my Kickr snap trainer… but not the heart rate belt…

Any suggestion?