Heart Rate Monitor No Longer Pairs After Update

(Niki Crewes) #21

Same issue here I have tried several heart rate monitors and straps and none will pair to include Jabra pulse, Bragi Dash, ticr x. Using pixel 3 with latest updates to app and phone.


(Barb. Bird) #22

I’m having the same problem. I just bought the CooSpo HR Monitor. It works fine with the Wahoo Fitness app on my Samsung S7 but when I try to pair it with the Companion App, it tells me the connection is rejected by the HR monitor. Same on the Zwift AppleTV4K app - it connects but doesn’t receive a signal. I’m using a Wahoo Snap trainer plus Duotrap which registers fine on the TV app.

I bought this unit based on amazon reviewers stating they were using it with Zwift.


(Vince Borg) #23

Installed Zwift beta on Samsung A5. HR will not connect. I also have Roovy and Garmin on the phone, both of which have no issue connecting to Garmin HR 2662. Rest of software seems to run ok. Also, I run the app on my phone and cast it to PC. This is because phone is Ant+ and PC isn’t. Using windows Connect seems to crash the software on the phone periodically.
Back to Roovy till you get these fixed.


(Colin) #24

Not resolved yet I’m guessing?
I’m new to Zwift but no joy connecting a generic bluetooth HRM on either the android app (beta) or windows 7, despite it working fine with Strava.
Occasionally Zwift manages to discover it if I switch to “use built-in bluetooth (beta)” but drops the signal shortly after.

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(Dave) #25

Hi, my laptop performed some updates for Zwift yesterday, and now even though my Ant + Minoura HRM pairs the same as before, no HR data is displayed or recorded. The pairing displayed a brand name I had never heard of. I unpaired and searched again. It then said I was using a Stages HRM, does a thing exist? But still no HR data. I loaded up another training programme on the laptop and the HR data was displayed. Any ideas how to resolve this please?


(Vincent) #26

Hey @Dave_Mellor has this only been happening since you performed those updates? Were you able to troubleshoot your ANT + connection with our guide? https://support.zwift.com/en_us/my-ant+-signal-is-dropping-(cycling)-SJdW01bHX

I will say that right now ANT + is not officially supported with the Beta. So there could be some possible issues.


(Henk) #27

Is this on a laptop running Windows or Android? On Android, as Vincent mentions, ANT+ support is not official (which reminds me, I should try it again on my tablet).


(Voiceless) #28

Hi all,
I have exactly the same thing like in subject, since the update (27.02) on my laptop (windows), with Polar H7. Pairs, but never picks up HR and displays No Signal soon after. I checked heart monitor with Strava/Tacx and works without any problem.I also connect Tacx cadence via bluetooth and works perfectly.