Heart Rate Monitor No Longer Pairs After Update

(Niki Crewes) #21

Same issue here I have tried several heart rate monitors and straps and none will pair to include Jabra pulse, Bragi Dash, ticr x. Using pixel 3 with latest updates to app and phone.

(Barb. Bird) #22

I’m having the same problem. I just bought the CooSpo HR Monitor. It works fine with the Wahoo Fitness app on my Samsung S7 but when I try to pair it with the Companion App, it tells me the connection is rejected by the HR monitor. Same on the Zwift AppleTV4K app - it connects but doesn’t receive a signal. I’m using a Wahoo Snap trainer plus Duotrap which registers fine on the TV app.

I bought this unit based on amazon reviewers stating they were using it with Zwift.

(Vince Borg) #23

Installed Zwift beta on Samsung A5. HR will not connect. I also have Roovy and Garmin on the phone, both of which have no issue connecting to Garmin HR 2662. Rest of software seems to run ok. Also, I run the app on my phone and cast it to PC. This is because phone is Ant+ and PC isn’t. Using windows Connect seems to crash the software on the phone periodically.
Back to Roovy till you get these fixed.

(Colin) #24

Not resolved yet I’m guessing?
I’m new to Zwift but no joy connecting a generic bluetooth HRM on either the android app (beta) or windows 7, despite it working fine with Strava.
Occasionally Zwift manages to discover it if I switch to “use built-in bluetooth (beta)” but drops the signal shortly after.

(Dave) #25

Hi, my laptop performed some updates for Zwift yesterday, and now even though my Ant + Minoura HRM pairs the same as before, no HR data is displayed or recorded. The pairing displayed a brand name I had never heard of. I unpaired and searched again. It then said I was using a Stages HRM, does a thing exist? But still no HR data. I loaded up another training programme on the laptop and the HR data was displayed. Any ideas how to resolve this please?

(Vincent) #26

Hey @Dave_Mellor has this only been happening since you performed those updates? Were you able to troubleshoot your ANT + connection with our guide? https://support.zwift.com/en_us/my-ant+-signal-is-dropping-(cycling)-SJdW01bHX

I will say that right now ANT + is not officially supported with the Beta. So there could be some possible issues.

(Henk de Beer) #27

Is this on a laptop running Windows or Android? On Android, as Vincent mentions, ANT+ support is not official (which reminds me, I should try it again on my tablet).