Bluetooth heart rate monitor won't pair since latest update

I have tried 2 different Bluetooth heart rate sensors and neither work following the latest update. Both have previously worked.

Ant+ did work though.

The sensor shows up in the pairing screen but doesn’t show the heart rate in game.

Reinstall. Update. Check your connectivity. Your PC/drivers/apps.

… or wait for Zwift to acknowledge the bug.

(and don’t hold your breath for a fix…)

It’s on the Android version

Interesting… Wondering if I get similar behaviour on my Android… Will give it a try…

Hey Chris,
Sorry to hear this. I tried my Dual Garmin and was able to connect both BLE and ANT+.
Samsung Tab S5e.
We didn’t change anything (intentionally). with BLE or HRMs

Just to confirm, what game platform, device, HRM device types?

It was Android on my honor view 10 phone. I tried tickr X and one from decathlon both wouldn’t pair.

They had both paired to phone previously.

I’ll try it on my android tablet later and see if I get the same.

When you press the heart rate pairing button it shows up, you can select it (so it goes blue) but then when it goes back to the pairing screen it is still orange and as if nothing is selected.

Tested it on my tablet earlier and it worked so must be an issue with my phone, it is odd that it worked before though.

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tried it again on my phone last night and it all worked fine! my phone must have been having a bad day!

graphics look so much better btw - great job on that one!

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Chris that is wonderful news!!

Really appreciate you following up.