Heart rate will not connect in run mode

Every time I use my wahoo heart rate monitor it will only connect by blue tooth if i remove the app and re-install it. I have purchased a new heart rate monitor (tickr&tickrx) changed batteries, I have even up-graded my phone to i-phone8. I use a pc when on the bike with ant+ no issues, this is off when running. I have run out of ideas, has anyone had the same issue as i have or does any one have a solution?

@Gary_Martin when switching the pairing screen from “Ride” to “Run” did you check to see if the HRM was getting connected under the Ride screen? My guess would be if it was that is why it won’t let you connect it as an HRM on the run device pairing

Thanks for the reply! i think you are onto somthing, when i switch activities on my phone occasionally this does not work. Example: I switch to ride and my avitar is still in the run setting and vise verser. I will explore your thinking thanks again Gary

I have the hardest time getting my tickrx to connect too. Eventually it will, but requires a bit of patience. Pair’ing/Unpair’ing usually helps after a few tries. Turning tickrx off and then back on tends to be effective. Sometimes just pedaling away for a few minutes will make it connect. At times it pairs, immediately followed by ‘No Signal’. And if nothing else helps, then rebooting my PC is the final solution. Frustrating. But at least it does work eventually. But have had to add 5 more minutes to my pre-event prep times for the darn thing …

One other tip: make the pads of the HR strap wet before putting it on.

Hi Per,

after years of using Garmin HRM’s quite happily I have recently started using a Polar OH1 (now both Ant+ and Bluetooth). It’s the arm strap version. It pairs immediately and is just as accurate as my Garmin chest HRM. As well as being able to broadcast your heart rate it is also able to just record a training session and then upload to Polar flow. I’m really impressed with it.

If I was to buy another chest HRM I would buy the Polar H10 without hesitation.

Ps I only bought the Polar HRM as I had a Garmin chest strap stop working and after getting a new strap the unit stopped working. I have also had some very odd readings from it at times. I’ve been wondering if that was static.

Hi All, I appreciate the feedback @Per_Forsell @Gerrie_Delport @_Troy I have treid all of these and i still have the issue @DKE_Watson When trying your sugestion nothing and thourght this was the answer, I was at the end of a ride connected to ant + at the time, I decided to switch to run and used the bluetooth icon in menu to search my hr monitor, it was found. I turned the pc off got on running macine tried to connect with blue tooth on my phone nothing. I give in… again if i re-load app hr monitor is found. Decided i need ant + dongle think that might work. I have a strong fealing it is the software and the platform does not like to switch between run & bike when using both ant + & blue tooth.