Garmin Dual Heart Rate Monitor

Just purchased the garmin dual with a bluetooth connection hoping it would resolve my issues. The hrm pairs via bluetooth and works for 10 mins then drops out or remains at a false heart rate then kicks back in and drops back out then back showing a true figure.
Anyone else having the same problem. All other bluetooth connections work fine with the elite drivo trainer that I use.

Kenny. Have a new dual garmin HR monitor about 3/4 weeks, no issues at all. Also connected to garmin 910XT / Watt bike at same time and data correct. Sorry no help. Darren

Hi Kenny

It might need a new battery. I had a new Dual, which started dropping out and then not connecting at all, after only 3 months. I hadn’t been using it more than 3-4 times a week until then. I took it into the local dealer assuming it was faulty and they just changed the battery, and it’s worked perfectly since then.


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My Wahoo bluetooth HR strap eats batteries compared to my Garmin ant+ ones, always assumed it was something to do with the signal. So I would suggest trying a new battery.

Thanks Darren!

Thanks Dave, will change the battery.

Thanks Paul, will change the battery!

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I don’t think the Wahoo ever switches off, mine eats batteries and even when I’ve taken it off I can see the lights flashing.

Thanks Neil!