Garmin heart rate monitor / Bkool issues

(Andy MacDonald) #1



I recently moved from a classic trainer to Bkool Pro and now I can’t connect my Garmin heart rate monitor in either Zwift or Bkool although I have no problems connecting the trainer.  It was working without issue previously, I have changed the battery and still it persists. Has anyone else had similar issues and now how to resolve?



(Chris Barnard) #2

Hi does your HRM connect ok with your Garmin Edge? if not it’s probably the strap they fail a lot .My Garmin HRM gave all sorts of false readings/cutting in and out/ not connecting tried a new battery still no good ,got a Polar HRM strap for mine now and it’s perfect .I did need to trim the plastic poppers slightly on the Polar strap so the HRM clipped it better but easy done ,and it’s so much better and gives stable correct readings now first time everytime .

(Andy MacDonald) #3

Thanks for your reply Chris, should have mentioned that it works fine with my Garmin Edge, no problems connecting.  I’m wondering if it could be an issue with Garmin Connect on my pc.  I disable it when using the trainer and have no problems connecting the trainer itself but maybe it is preventing the heart rate monitor connecting, will give it a go…

(Luke Dragstra) #4

My garmin hr monitor doesn’t pick up on zwift either.  It works fine on my garmin forerunner. I just pair my stages in zwift but it won’t pair the HRM.

(Paul Allen) #5


Are you using Bluetooth or Ant+ for the Garmin HRM?

Garmin is Ant+ only for their devices.

Your Stages power meter transmits in both Ant+ and Bluetooth.