Tickr weirdness

My tickr heart monitor used to work perfectly but now it won’t pair to zwift. It will pair to any other app just fine. I’m making sure it isn’t paired to anything else prior to trying to pair zwift

Zwift doesn’t even see the monitor anymore. Thought?

I have a similar issue with my TickrX. It will pair briefly but after about 60 seconds it stops reading heart rate and then will unpair completely. Works fine on other apps.

my tickr pairs still, but it drops a lot more than “it once did”. i think i can trace it back to a particular action i took: i updated firmware on tickr and kickr5 at the same time, and then had to roll back kickr5 because of the resistance bug. i’m wondering if that has something to do with it.

The fix routine with my Tickr-X

  1. ‘break’ the strap, wait for Zwift to catch up, reconnect (& make sure it’s wet :slight_smile: )
  2. Replace the battery, depending on the quality of the CR2032 it is usually every 3 months, but can as little as 1 with a pair of free batteries I found.

I wear the HR strap for 15 to 20 hours a week and it’s on the latest firmwear, connected with ANT+ because it reconnects quickly.
Kickr Core is on v1.1.1 and happily connected via bluetooth. (for now…)

Same here - Tickr pairs, says no signal, I unstrap and restrap, re-pair it - rinse and repeat until it gets signal.

Then I go through the same with the cadence sensor.

Once I finally get to ride, the tickr drops out - no signal.

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