Tickr Fit Heart Rate Monitor Not Connecting

(Mark) #1


I’m having troubles connecting my Tickr Fit HR monitor reliably (via bluetooth/Macbook Air). All other sensors (Kickr Core, Cadence) are picked up immediately. The Tickr Fit connects to other devices (iPhone etc.) immediately if i try. It’s just Zwift it has an issue with - I’ve managed to connect it twice, just out of chance it seems, but can’t get it consistently connect.

Any help would be appreciated.


(Mark) #2

No advice here? I’ve contacted Wahoo and the issue definitely appears to be isolated to conencting to Zwift.

(Amy) #3

Same issue here. Everything else connects right away just not the Tickr since the update.

(Ben) #4

Also having the problem. I’ve contacted Zwift in Twitter and had no reply. It’s annoying cause I’m getting DSQ’ed from races cause I’m not recording my HR and also my Strava training is all messed up without that data. PLEASE FIX IT ZWIFT, we’re paying for this service, it’s supposed to work!!

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #5

Make sure the Tickr are not synced/paired to your computer or any other application.

Also try to un-pair every thing from Zwift and only pair your HR monitor.