Tickr FIT HRM takes longer than expected to be discovered


(David) #1

I’ve noticed that my Tickr FIT HRM takes longer to be discovered than my other sensors.

I’m running Zwift on my Macbook with all the sensors connecting via BTLE.

My Kickr & BlueSC are discovered almost immediately, but the Tickr FIT can take up to a minute to show up.

Any ideas?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

You might need to moisten it a little bit before putting it on, I need to do this for my Tickr HRM.

(David) #3

Tickr FIT is an optical HRM, not electrical.

(M ike Thg) #4

Hey David, I am having the same problem ever since the last Zwift update. I’m using my Tickr Fit via Bluetooth to my MacBook. It has been working fine for several months, but after the last update it is very inconsistent in connecting/being discovered. My other sensors are wahoo (Kickr / Cadence) and all work fine.

It is getting really frustrating. Every time I try to get on Zwift it takes 5-10mins to try and get HR reading, and sometimes doesn’t work at all.

(David) #5

I have tickets open with both Zwift & Wahoo (just to cover all bases).

FWIW: My Tickr X is discovered immediately.

(David) #6

Hmmm … ticket was opened on Friday but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

(David) #7

Finally got a reply …

I’ve checked with our dev team, and they’re aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. While there isn’t a workaround for this issue yet, the fix will come from our end, so all you should have to do is keep your game client updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift.

(M ike Thg) #8

Good to know! thanks for the update. I also submitted tickets to both Zwift and Wahoo. Hopefully this fix is coming soon. Can’t hurt to keep the pressure on.
I’m back to using my old Tickr HR chest strap, which connects immediately. Weird.

(David) #9

FWIW: I ended up returning the Tickr FIT. I was only going to use it on the trainer and lack of support for the sensor made it a non-starter.

(Stephan Jusypiw) #10

Hi all,

I had exactly the same problem with my Wahoo Tickr fit. It did works a while ago with Zwift but it is not discoverable for months now… A real pain!