Tickr HRM isn't pairing via BT while Kickr Bike pairs via WiFi

Hi, after looking thru the FAQs, forum topics and support articles, I’m hoping for some ideas from the community to resolve this issue. My Tickr X2 HRM is not able to be found in Zwift pairing thru Bluetooth & hoping for any suggestions to solve this. A short background:

I’ve been successfully pairing both my Kickr bike V1 and Tickr X2 through Bluetooth to Zwift for over 2 years. But recently the Kickr bike got an ER4 code & wouldn’t pair via Bluetooth. I was able to keep riding & pairing devices as long as I connected via the companion app for a couple of weeks until Wahoo graciously sent out a replacement refurb Kickr bike V2 unit. That is working great and now pairing to Zwift via WiFi. However, now the Tickr HRM can’t be found, let alone pair via Bluetooth to Zwift. It will pair via the companion app though.

So I’ve tried the following:

  1. Changed the battery, just in case. Reset the Tickr by turning battery upside down in unit for a few seconds as well.
  2. Paired and unpaired it as a sensor to the Wahoo app via Bluetooth. It does pair & release just fine in the Wahoo app. But can’t be found via BT connection to Zwift whether paired with Wahoo app or not.
  3. Verified paired devices on my Android phone and Win 10 computer do not include the Tickr, just in case it was paired & needed to be released. Didn’t see anything in the companion app that showed it was linked either.
  4. No other devices are using Bluetooth and the distance from the Win 10 PC is the same as it was before when it did connect at about 5 feet. No fans running or any other equipment interference either.

I’m wondering if the Tickr HRM thinks it’s already paired and therefore won’t show up in the Zwift pairing screen but I can’t find anything to clear. Another possibility is now that the bike is pairing via WiFi, it won’t allow the HRM to be found or pair via Bluetooth? It’s obviously working but only through the companion app. Any other Kickr Bike V2 people, how are you pairing your HRMs when the bike pairs via Wifi?

Any suggestions on troubleshooting this issue are much appreciated.
Thank you

Though no one was able to add any input on this issue, I was able to finally resolve it. I understand everyone’s setup will be different so trying to solve these types of issues can be a pain. It took a bit of time so I thought I’d post the steps I took for others trying to resolve Bluetooth connection issues. For me, the last step resolved my issue but for others, going through these steps may help find the issue causing your problems.

  1. Change the battery. Also, reset the device if possible. For my Tickr, that meant turning battery upside down and placing in unit for a few seconds (recommended by Wahoo as a reset).
  2. Unpair the device with all Bluetooth receivers. This could be your phone, computer or tablet. Then re-pair with just one receiver.
  3. Insure the distance between the Bluetooth receiver and the pairing device is as close as possible.
  4. Check for interference with other non-bluetooth devices such as fans or nearby hardware like microwaves, etc by turning them off during pairing.
  5. Clear your Bluetooth receiver devices such as phone, computer or tablet. This means clearing all paired devices from the receiver’s list. Then try re-pairing with just the problem device before anything else is paired again.
  6. Update and/or re-install Bluetooth drivers on the receiver. For me, this is a win 10 computer. Ultimately, this resolved my issue. When the Kickr Bike got the ER4 code, that evidently messed up the Bluetooth receiver on the PC (a dongle). Removing the dongle, re-booting without it and then re-installing it and the drivers fixed my issue.

Good luck!