Wahoo Tickr Fit invisible to MacBookPro bluetooth

(Keir) #1

I have the Wahoo Kickr Snap running through my MacBook with a wahoo cadence sensor. All works fine. I added the HRM above and the desktop search for connectivity doesn’t work. If I run it all through companion, it does but then the companion does what it likes dropping any one of the devices adhoc through the middle of a ride. As i look at the bluetooth window on the mac, the HRM is the only device that I can’t see and yet my Sony Xperia picks this up no issue. Anyone else with a similar set up and problem? Is this a Mac issue?

(Dan) #2

are you pairing it within zwift or out in the Mac OS?

(Keir) #3

With zwift running on the mac, i am trying to pair but it never finds my hrm on the search . So I checked the bluetooth prefs outside of zwift and the mac cant see the device but it does see the turbo and Cadence . Weird ,as it appears on my phone (along with the others ) no issue . Would explain why zwift desktop can’t find it …

(Xavier) #4

The first thing that you should do, if you hadn’t already, is read over this article: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/i-can’t-pair-my-bluetooth-devices-(cycling)-S1DW01ZBQ

If you still have problems after that, I’d suggest reaching out to support@zwift.com, and including all of the files in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder so that we can help you further.

Ride On!

(Aaron Zwanzig) #5

Bluetooth is a funny, finicky thing. Its monogamous nature, and the ability for some apps to pair in the background, can cause problems.

While troubleshooting, force-stop or uninstall any app that might have paired to the hrm in the past, especially the Wahoo Utilities app. Turn off any device not involved with Zwift but that might have apps paired to the hrm.