Bluetooth Connectivity Nightmare

Have been having some intermittent issues recently with connecting to my Wahoo Tickr HR strap. Then, I couldn’t connect using my Macbook’s Bluetooth at all with all devices saying “No Signal” and an RFCOMM warning coming up routinely. Connection seemed to be a bit more consistent when connecting through the Companion app so I stuck with doing so from then on.

Today, following updating the companion app, I could no longer select my Wahoo Kickr 18 as the controllable device and could not connect to the HR strap through any method. I persisted with the workout and ERG mode kicked in randomly after a few minutes so all was not lost. I also started a workout on my Apple watch and was able to combine the FIT files to get HR data into the strava file.

Can you please look into these issues? Zero issues connecting all devices to The Sufferfest through native BLE so definitely appears to be a Zwift issue (one of many right now)

Please refer to this thread: Controllable trainer is not discoverable using Zwift Companion v.3.15.0


Thanks - must have been blind not to see that when searching!

Any suggestions on the HR strap issue? Couldn’t see any bugs on search (Not a battery problem)