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Brand new to zwift and I am trying to link Tacx Flux and a Wahoo heart monitor to Zwift but cannot get them to link. Can someone help please?

Note I can link to other systems Tacx and Wahoo Apps but not zwift and that is when there Apps are off and items disconnected.


Using Bluetooth? If so, ensure it is completely disconnected from other devices. It sounds like the HRM is connected to something else. BT limits the number of connections.

If you do all that and it still will not connect, come back and fully describe your setup (PC/iOS device/ etc). Off the top of my head some W10 laptops are awful with BT.

HI make sure no other bluetooth devices running at same also you are not using TACX app at same time also to prevent connection issues

I also had a Tacx Flux before. And with that also Bluetooth problems. In the end, that was solved by respecting a sequence in start-up. 1. No Bluetooth connection should be active before starting Zwift. 2. Start up Zwift without putting power on your smarttrainer. 3. Try to connect your heart rate monitor first. Once found by Zwift to the next step. 4. Plug in smarttrainer and try to connect cadence first. Once this succeeds, Zwift will automatically connect the other devices (power meter and speed…) Hopefully this works for you too. Francis.

Thanks All,

Tried this evening but with no joy, couldn’t any devices to connect :cry:.

I’m trying on a Samsung Tablet A7 SM-t505 and so using Android v11. All software is up to date.

Any further suggestions?

That’s strange. I’m currently using a Wahoo Kickr and that even works with a Samsung S6 lite tablet? Maybe the problem is in your Tacx Flux? You can try to remove the Tacx software and only use Zwift. In principle, it should be sufficient to disable the connections that are unwanted via the Bluetooth menu in your Galaxy. It seems that other Bluetooth connections are hijacking your Zwift connection.

Tab S6 lite has better specification as A7!

I do not know much about A7 2021, the problem is Samsung has different A7 models world wide. But there were more threads about A7 not able to run Zwift in the past.

Ah, didn’t knew that the A7 scored less well than the S6 lite. The Samsung salesperson told me that if you can download an application from the Play Store, it should work. We still have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T585 model 2016 and it could only download the companion but not Zwift. Zwift might want to commit to a hardware partner so you know you’re buying a device that works flawlessly. Not everyone is an IT nerd. When my wife goes Zwifting it doesn’t take 5 minutes before she starts calling my name :wink:

That seems to be common today - salesperson saying something without having an idea, they just want to sell…

The issue wasn’t with the Samsung A7, it was the A that didn’t run Zwift.

The A7 runs Zwift without issue. It connects to Bluetooth devices without issue. Or does for me anyway.

Ok, sorry (what I found was mentioning A7 lite).

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