Connection issue between zwift and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Hi there,

I screened the topics and was not able to find a solution for my problem with my Samsung galaxy tab S8 tablet and Zwift.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 latest OS version- last update on Nov. 03 2023.
Zwift version 1.52.0
Tacx NEO 2 t
Heart rate monitor: Garmin HRM dual
BT headphones connected to my smartphone
Smartphone samsung galaxy A71 for Companion app (latest OS update)

On Nov. 9 I was riding a 90 min workout - no problems. Afterwards I started a climb portal. After about 20 min. the connection to my Tacx NEO 2t was lost. Since then, I am not able to connect the Tacx Neo 2t AND the heart rate monitor to Zwift. It is possible with other apps like MyWhoosh or the Garmin Tacx training app.

What I tried:

  1. Reeboot the tablet
  2. Reset all the connection settings (WLAN, BT) on my tablet.
  3. Elimination of all other BT devices or possible sources of interference (Fan, headphones, phone, etc.)
  4. new installation of zwift app
  5. rebooting my WLAN router
  6. Tried to use only my smartphone - Surprisingly, no problem at all, all connections without problem - 2 hours ride with no problems.
  7. The Tacx NEO 2T and HRM is perfectly connecting to other apps:
    a) Tacx Training recognizes the Tacx NEO and the HRM perfectly
    b) MyWhoosh recognizes the Tacx NEO and the HRM perfectly
    even the smart trainer and HRM is displayed in the BT-List of my Tablet.

Everything was working fine and out of the blue it is impossible to connect to the zwift app. I know this is not an easy problem to solve and there are a bunch of issues that can go wrong, but I have no furhter ideas at the moment what I could do more???

I hope someone can provide some hints, experiences, or just a few nice words :wink:

Thank you for your support.