Garmin HR sensor on IPad/Ipohone?

Hey Everyone,

Looking into getting a Zwift for the upcoming offseason. Before I pulled the trigger on the expense, I wanted to see how things would go with my current sensors sans the actual hub. Im looking to, in some fashion, pair my Garmin HRM-Pro plus (ANT + and BLE compatible) to Zwift so i can see my HR as I ride. I can find the HR monitor on my ipad and iphones bluetooth, and I can even add it when I go to the run module. But, there is no such option under ride. The only two options I see are power source and speed sensor. Does the HR option become available after you pair one of these two?


Yes HR pairing happens after choosing how power is reported

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This seemed to change when steering became more of a thing this year. Previously you could pair HR before power/controllable/speed and cadence, but you now have to do so once power or zPower is connected.