Zwift not detecting wahoo kickr cadence

Hi, new to zwift and wahoo. Bought a wahoo kickr - with inbuilt cadence sensor. Updated firmware and tried all the suggested fixes: forced restarts, blue tooth off/on, re-calibrated pretty much before every ride. Cadence is showing in wahoo app. Help much appreciated :grinning:.

On your Pairing screen, have you picked the Kickr in the Cadence window (I have previous model kickr so no direct experience sorry)? If not, you probably need to spin the cranks a few times to get it to auto sense.

I wonder if you are confused. Are you looking for a separate “build-in” sensor, dedicated as cadence sensor? It is not the same thing as cadence sensor on your outdoor bike, though! I own KICKR Bike, but I believe KICKR is the same in the sense that there is no separate cadence sensor per say. There is a build-in software algorithm which senses small fluctuations in pedaling torque as your pedals go through 12 o’clock/6 o’clock positions and calculates your cadence from that. It does not need to know what gear you are on because fluctuations of tension in the chain are transmitted just the same, in any gear. Therefore, you connect your KICKR as Power, Cadence, and Controllable. The same device should appear in all three connection tiles.

New to Zwift, 1wk. I have had similar problems. Riding a Kickr and running Zwift from a Pixel 3 and casting to TV.

The following seems to be working but don’t have enough rides to be sure.

Start a ride on the Wahoo app, leave it running, then switch to Zwift and start a ride there.

I’m playing with the Wahoo Kickr Level, starting it at 3. Not sure if this makes a difference.