Wahoo Cadence Sensor or Smart Kickr Cadence Sensor?


just bought and installed a Wahoo Smart Kickr.
They offered a Wahoo Cadence sensor, and the shop installed it to me.

When I start Zwift, it asks me to choose between the Wahoo cadence sensor and the Smart Kickr as cadencemeter.

Which one should I use?

And why?

Thanks a lot.

With their latest firmware update for the Kickr Smart Trainer, I believe that Wahoo included a sort of ‘calculated’ cadence algorithm. This uses the points at which your trainer knows you are putting the peaks of power (basically the downstroke) to ascertain an approximate cadence. The cadence-specific sensor, however, can recognize the actual turns of your cranks to determine your cadence. So, in some ways the bike shop sold you a piece of kit you don’t really need (unless, of course, you’re also using the same bike on the road and want to have your cadence IRL), but you will get a more accurate cadence from the cadence-specific sensor than from the trainer-calculated cadence.

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The cadence that the Kickr is providing is a calculated value so it’s not going to as accurate as a real cadence sensor. Also, the value lags rather noticeably.

If you’ve got a real cadence sensor, my recommendation would be to use that.

IMO, the only reason to use the Kickr’s cadence value is if you are using a device with limited bluetooth connections (like the Apple TV) and are not using the companion app or other ANT -> BTLE gateway.


Actually is was included with the Kickr -
I m happy cause I will use it on the road and now understand it is more accurate so I will use it.

Thanks a lot for prompt and very clear answers ! :ok_hand:

Wahoo added the calculated cadence feature specifically for those using Apple TV.

I m not using Apple TV but where I live (Thailand), it was included, with the Shimano 11 speed cassette as well, but I suppose everyone has it.

The Kickr (not core or snap) does include a cadence sensor and cassette regardless of where it’s sold (I think).