Wahoo Kickr cadence sensor

I just got the Wahoo Kickr. Its cadence sensor is integral and depends on an algorithm to work. I find it quite delayed and also VERY inaccurate. It will change from 70RPM to 120 RPM in seconds even though I don’t perceive any significant change in my pedaling cadence. Certainly nothing like that. I know that sudden changes in applied power can do that but I don’t think I’m that erratic. My question is, can I add an external sensor to the pedal crank? Theoretically that should be faster and since it is direct, a more accurate meter. Or would the integral Kickr and external sensors just compete with each other and confuse Zwift? Is anyone having the same problem? If you added an external sensor, which one are you using?

Yes, just add an external cadence sensor if you want more accurate cadence. Just pair that to Zwift instead of the Kickr’s cadence and you’ll be all set.

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Zwift only cares about the sensor that you selected on the pairing screen. If you don’t think the cadence from the Kickr that is calculated from the fluctuations in your chain tension, then I’d recommend using an external sensor. You may need to manually open your pairing menu to unpair your Kickr cadence and pair your stand alone sensor depending on how quick you are with the initial pairing screen. I have a tendency to be too busy with water bottles and fans causing me to miss the auto pairing myself lol

Thanks. I’ve ordered a cadence sensor this morning and hopefully that will solve the problem.