ETA for Wahoo RPM (cadence only sensor) support?

Any idea when you’ll issue an update that will support cadence-only sensors such as Wahoo’s RPM?


I have the RPM cadence only and it is found by Zwift and works. (It didn’t a couple of weeks ago, but does now)

Thanks Gary. I’ve opened a support request with Wahoo as the RPM sensor tests fine with the Wahoo Utility over Bluetooth. For now I’ve switched to a Garmin cadence sensor.

That’s kind of strange that Gary has this working. I have the RPM cadence sensor too but it s never detected. Coincidentally, like Frederic I also opened a support ticket a couple of days ago. No idea why Gary would see this working but mine wouldn’t work. I’ve done all the usual troubleshooting and the RPM is alive and well when use TrainerRoad. My Kickr has been extremely solid so my ANT+ dongle, Surface Pro 3, etc are communicating just fine.

Very much hoping there is a solution to this soon.


Hi Mark,
I just took a pic of the screen showing both my Quark and RPM (Unknown device) cadence sensors. I have used each at different times. I put it on my OneDrive account and you should be able to see it at:

Thank you, Gary. Good to see that the RPM can be detected. Curious to know what OS and ANT+ dongle you are using. I’m using a Suuno Movestick on a Surface Pro 3. Thanks again.

No problem, Mark! I’m using Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo (i7) laptop. I have used Garmin’s older (big) USB dongle and Garmin’s newer small dongle. Everything has worked great for the last few weeks.
I also now have Garmin’s 920xt so I don’t have to use the dongle to upload my rides from the 920 since it uses wi-fi.

Mystery solved. Wahoo support confirmed that I have the original RPM sensor which is Bluetooth only. I bought mine with my kickr back in April 2014, Ant+ support was added to a newer model of the sensor.


Good to know Frederic. I wonder if Mark has the same issue. I’m glad I bought my RPM later. :slight_smile:

If it can help anyone else, the markings on the back of my Bluetooth-only RPM sensor are the following: “Bluetooth Smart” logo, FCCID: PADWF108, IC:10563A-WF0108, Model: WFPODCAD.