Zwift keeps dropping the smart trainer sensors during use

Zwift keeps dropping my sensors when using the app, the sensors keep dropping out and come back in, thus, the program stops / starts. I need help urgently and like to use zwift as its costing me money. I use my windows laptop to run Zwift companion, and it takes a while to have all the sensors linking up to Zwift. There’s no such think for me a quick workout, I can get the sensors to work and stay connected.
Any help would be much appreciated to resolve this matter. I didn’t have these issues when I was using a dumb trainer the ones with wheel on the roller, all the sensors would link up, but with the new smart trainer (Jetblack volt) it’s just impossible.

Hi @Ara_Ekmekjian

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It sound like you use the companion app to pair your sensors.

I would suggest using a ANT+ adapter with extension cord on the windows PC.


Hi Gerri, thanks for replying to my post, I will purchase a dongle and use the ant connection and see how I go.


Hi Gerri, I removed Zwift from my lap top and down loaded the windows version and same issue.

All the sensors are connected, but the data not coming through.

Looks like you are using Bluetooth still, do you have an ANT+ dongle with an extension cable?

It can be that the sensors are still connected to some other device or to windows.

EXACTLY what I use and this works flawlessly. It’s the dang bluetooth that cannot hold a connection for my Polar OH1 HRM. Need to find a better HRM that can stay connected or I need an extender for the bluetooth.