Power using Kickr will not go above 200w

This is the second time now that this has happened to me where when starting the ride no matter what gear I choose I cannot get above 200w, so my speed going up the hill drops to around 10km/h. Both times I’ve had to stop and restart Zwift. Anybody else out there on a Kickr have similar experiences?

Wyard, I haven had that problem, but I am getting ready to get on now. I’ll let you know if I do have any issue like that.

I have had something similar on rare occasions. Just the other day I hopped on and my avatar started riding at 400+ watts when I wasn’t pedaling. And then the issue you had. I was able to get past it by firing up the wahoo app and starting a workout there and going to sim mode and change the settings and then stop the Wahoo workout. The Kickr was then responding properly. I suspect the issue is some sort of ANT+ drop out because fixing it with the Wahoo app is the same procedure that I use after known ANT+ dropouts where I have gotten the “Molasses” effect. This stuff has become pretty rare since I put the ANT+ stick on a USB extension cable. Just some food for thought.

Hi Wynand,

This sounds like an ANT+ signal issue. Try using a USB extension cable as John mentioned to bring the ANT+ dongle as close to the KICKR as possible and see if that helps.

Hi Eric, Ian and John

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Great product btw Eric, really enjoying it. The ANT+ dongle is on a USB extension. The signal shows as “excellent” when I check it on TrainerRoad. It just seems as though for some reason no matter what gear or speed you do it never gets above 200w. As soon as I go out and log back in it works perfectly. Like I said this has only happened twice and maybe it was a ANT+ connection issue. Perhaps in future releases it might be helpful to show the signal strength of your devices on the pairing page?