Wahoo Kickr (v1) with lower FTP since a few weeks.

I´m using the Kickr and Zwift since 1 year know (have been riding over 8k miles).

Parallel i´m using the kickr with trainerroads doing a training program.

in the last weeks i noticed that the ftp i can hold on zwift is around 15% lower than my outside ftp (measured with a quark sram red powermeter - wich stayed constat).

when i raced a few month ago on zwift i had around 3.9 watts/kg now (same fitness same weight) i am happy to hold 3.5 over an hour.

any ideas or did zwift change the interpretation of the kickr data? or is it a “kickr problem” and if so does anyone now how to fix it?

thanks for your help

I have the same problem, any idea what happened

Since the last update I have been getting frequent dropouts using an ANT+ setup.  I even had to drop out of a group ride because I couldn’t keep up.

So I changed over to a Bluetooth setup and the dropouts disappeared.  It seemed like the power problem has been fixed as well.  Then again it might just be my imagination.  I’ll be doing another test ride over the weekend and report back.



It sounds like you’re comparing your Kickr data to your Quark data. As they’re different sources, that measure to a different degree of accuracy, the numbers may indeed be close but not exactly the same. If you’re looking to compare the two, I would recommend using your Quark as your power source inside as well as out. 

I only use my kickr with zwift, and a week ago, I could easily maintain over 311 watts in a race, now I struggle to maintain 270 watts and is harder to get to 300 watts, the only considerable change is the new update, i have also to calibrate every time I go up it look like it starts completely decalibrated and I have to stop and go to get a feeling similar to the one I had before, 


Same problem with my kickr. Struggling to average 4.0wkg in Zwift races lately when my 20 min pb is over 5…

I also have lower power output on my kickr v.1 recently. 10-15% difference (less power) at least than before. Nothing changed in the setup. Software issue?


Also at start screen it is always shown that a spindown is needed. Spindown in Zwift does not work via bluetooth (Speed dial is not going up, stays at zero). I always spindown via wahooo app, but thereafter zwift software does not see the spindown has already been performed. 

I have the same problem with the spin-up. Speedometer stays at zero

Same problem.  15% lower power on Kickr vs. Cycleops stationary trainer.  Has anyone figured out why?