Power/FTP huge difference in FTP between Wattbike Atom/Wahoo Kickr

I recently moved from a Wahoo Kickr to the new Wattbike Atom Next Gen. My Zwift FTP on the Kickr was 298, the first test on the Wattbike was 200.

Any anyone experienced any such discrepancy when moving over? Do I need a setting change?

How do either of those numbers compare to your power numbers from riding IRL? Might give a clue to which one is giving false numbers.

Wattbike is closer to reality, Wahoo is closer to where I want to be!

Unfortunately it sounds like the Kickr was lying to you. Maybe some Wattbike Atom owners can chime in…

I’ve got the V2 Atom and the FTP is bang on for me, suspect your Kickr was being optimistic.