Wattage all over the place- +/- 100 in one second with same power. Doesn't look like many posts get answered on this site- I may try Google

Wahoo KickR- Zwift Watts fluctuate +/- 100 in a second.  I have the ANT and have tried using cell phone only and laptop only.  Same inaccurate results.  I’d be curious to hear if this is a Zwift issue or the KickR.

Actually a lot of post get answered on these forums by Zwift staff and Zwift users.

I believe your issue is with the trainer and you should make sure the firmware is up to date. If everything is up to date you should contact Wahoo support.

No history on when or how this is happening?  Paul is correct.  Make sure your firmware is up to date.  Have you performed a spin down.  Is the spindown under 15 seconds.  Wheel on (Kickr Snap) or wheel off (kicker)  Wheel tension is important.  Soft tension will create spikes in power as the wheel slips. 

BTW.  Congrats on the Wahoo.  Once it’s working as it should.  You will like it. 

The community tries to help where it can.  


I just did my FTP test, only my second ride using the new Kickr and I got the same problem. Even during the warmup when ERG was on i was getting power reading 20-50W below and above the specified warm up wattage (that the Kickr should have been adjusting to). Throughout the test i couldn’t keep the power in range and missed most of the 20 second warm up targets. i thought it was just me being inexperienced. 

I tried a spin down twice on swift and it failed both time, getting hung at 2km/h. I then un plugged the trainer and did the same on Wahoo Fitness and it worked. Repeated it on Zwift and it worked that time and then i took the test. 

Was using my Apple TV. 

interesting on the tension i’ll have to check that.