Continued power issues ...

Snow outside today, looking forward to a long ride on Swift. Performed the automatic update for Swift and logged in. Six laps in, making the climb and the power displayed goes to 0 and no resistance on the Kickr trainer :-(. I pause hoping that the power will correct itself when pedaling again. No go - the power is out of sync with the terrain :-(. I realize this is a known issue, but what was different on the ride today is when I logged back in to start a new ride, the power was still out of sync! All the previous times I’ve experienced this issue, logging back in fixed the problem.

My setup hasn’t changed ever since installing Swift except that I’ve attached the Ant+ receiver to an extension cable. Bike and computer are in the basement with no cell phone or other devices nearby except of course for the computer running Zwift. Can’t imagine it would be an interference issue. The extension cable seemed to fix the power issue for me, but then the issue today.

I don’t know when the power dropout issue occurs for others, but for me it happens most times when I’m near another rider or bot. On the ride today everything was going well until another rider I passed sprinted up to my wheel on the climb. Then my power dropped to 0 and the other rider rode on by. I don’t know if the other rider experienced the same issue.

I wish I could help isolate the problem and help the folks at Zwift resolve it. This really is the only issue I have with the program and have enjoyed training with Zwift immensely. I now actually look forward to riding indoors!

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detailed info. We are aware of the issue but this will help give us more information as to how to reproduce it!

Hi Eric -

Thanks so much for your help. I wish I could reproduce the problem as well, it happens infrequently. I’ve been riding Zwift pretty much every day. Yesterday’s training session was perfect - no issues whatsoever.

It may be just coincidental, but the times I’ve experienced the power drop issue is when near other riders. I wrote up a separate posting where I actually saw this happen to someone else. We were both on the first climb riding pretty much side-by-side quickly overcoming one of the bots. As the other rider overcame the bot, their power immediately dropped to 0 and he fell off the back while I continued on without any issues.

Just to let you know, the pc I use with the Kickr is a newer model gaming rig with I7 motherboard and twin Nvidia graphics cards in SLI mode. It’s running Win7 with the latest updates. I’m using a Suunto ANT+ dongle on an extension cable attached to a mic stand right next to the bike.

All in all, I’ve experienced no other issues with Zwift other than the occasional power dropout. For a beta program, Zwift is amazingly good. You guys have done an awesome job. I’ve made it a point to tell my cycling teammates and others how awesome Zwift is and to send in a beta invite.

I’ll continue to ride and will be sure to capture as much detail of any issues I encounter. Thanks again for your help and letting me participate in the beta program.

Dave Sherrer