cumulative feedback since christmas

I just got in on Christmas day and have done 5-6 rides since.

One ride my Kickr did not control power for the entire ride. Each other ride it has (with exception being noted later in this post)

I have frequent “drops” or Pauses where my power goes to zero. These occur most often in the climbing portions of the course. I have experienced 2-3 drops per minute in that area. I have tried re-positioning the computer and the trainer and have it less than 8 feet apart. I am using ant for the connection and my HR and s/c sensor seem to work fine. The drops are every ride, but have been less the last two rides vs early rides. They are not limited to the climbing portion, but are most frequent there.

I have had two hard crashes that threw me all the way out of the program. On one I lost the entire 30 minutes prior to that from a file perspective and my position (as in what level I am) reset to where I started 30 minutes earlier. On the second crash I froze at the start line after riding 1.5 hours and when it finally reconnected, all control was lost. i went into no resistance mode and could not recover control. I should have been on level 4 then but when it reconnected it shows me on level 6…still shows that.

Graphics have been solid.

Resistance seems behind the visual appearance and digital description of grade I can be going up a 3 percent grade and feel no increased resistance until I have been on the grade perhaps 15 seconds. Likewise the display can show a negative 1.5% grade and the resistance is still as climbing. This again can be as far apart as 15 seconds.

Overall very nice package and it does indeed make training fun, but the constant disconnect make it hard for me to keep training with that bug.

Hi Mark,

Any chance you could try and USB extension cable for your ANT+ dongle? That might mitigate some power drops with the KICKR and could potentially ease the “delay” in resistance control.

As for your crashes, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening there. Are you on a stable internet connection?

I just picked one up after reading others post similar things, I will let you know