Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

(Corwin Graves) #22

I’m also having this problem. Purchased a Kickr Core about 2 weeks ago and no data showing on the spindown. I contacted Wahoo and they sent out a replacement unit…same problem. Extremely frustrating, as I haven’t been able to work out and this isn’t a cheap toy. Not sure what to do at this point. LBS doesn’t like to take returns on items like this, though I may need to go that route.

I wasn’t even able to run Zwift during the trial period because I can’t get a trainer that functions :frowning:

(Jaime Salas) #23

Sorry getting back so late on your question. I didn’t have to pay, they sent me a FedEx label as well. I stop by my local FedEx pickup location by me and just dropped it off.

(Vincent W.) #24

Hmm that’s interesting. Have you been able to troubleshoot with Wahoo’s guide?

  1. First, reboot your trainer by unplugging the power for 30 seconds, then reconnecting it.
  2. Reboot the device you’re hoping to connect to.
  3. Once rebooted, open Zwift before any other app.
  4. Ensure the trainer is connected over ANT+ using the FEC option (or Bluetooth if on a Mac) both as a controllable trainer and power meter, then try a test ride.

(Ray Cook) #25

Oh yeah. Multiple times. Made sure anything I didn’t want to use was powered down to avoid any competition for the signals. Took over an hour shutting down, starting up, trying different sequences of starting up, etc…

But I did “open a ticket” with Wahoo and, much to their credit, they apologized for the hassle and inconvenience and they’re sending out a replacement soon. Not only that, but (maybe because this is the second time this type of failure has occurred to me) they’re also going to upgrade me to the KICKR18.

I trust 'em, but I’m also anxious about it. 'Sucks to not be able to ride for several days when I was trying to add to my December climbing stats.

I do think they’ll come through and I am impressed by their customer support…

(Joe Randall [DIRT] B) #26

My first Kickr Core worked for about 5 minutes. Returned it to my LBS for an exchange. The second Kickr Core lasted about 2 months and now it will not read any watts. Very frustrated, I am on day 24 of a 28 day FTP Booster plan. I have loved Zwift. Hope Wahoo will stand by their product. Think I am ready for a new brand. I would stay away from the Kickr Core until a change can be made.

(Stephen Prater) #27

I got my replacement Kickr Core from Wahoo and had my first ride yesterday. The support person I talked to told me that Wahoo techs were going to check the trainer to make sure this problem wouldn’t happen again before they sent it. Reading this thread and seeing that people have had the same power drop issues on their second Core doesn’t fill me with optimism. Hoping for a good stage 3 of the Tour of London tomorrow without my Kickr Core dropping the power reading.

(Jaime Salas) #28

Let us know how it goes, and I’ll see you on Day 3 tomorrow. Glad Day 2 is done… phew!

(Chris Shepherd) #29

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It is nice to read these posts to know I am not alone. A week ago I received 3rd unit from Wahoo, got in four rides, woke up Saturday morning excited to get in a nice long ride only to crushed when the unit would no longer transmit speed or power. I have been happy that Wahoo has stood behind their product but it is frustrating they do not have any tech suppstrong textort on the weekends. My second unit also fail on Saturday and it’s frustrating to have to wait until Monday to hopefully hear from them.

(Ferenc Simicz(ZHO)) #30

I have a same problem…I waiting for the Wahoo team answer…

(Dave Smith) #31

DITTO!! One ride and it was over. Purchased from Backcountry. Filed ticket with Wahoo and waiting to hear back. Thinking about returning it to seller. Doesn’t sound like they have it figured out. Is this problem occurring with the Kicker 2018? I sure enjoyed the one ride I got out of it, but a bit pricey for one ride.

(Roger Sommers) #32

Yep, happened to me tonight. Mine lasted 3 weeks before power and speed wouldn’t work. I went with DC Rainmakers recommendation on the core and I’m really surprised/disappointed by all the faulty units. Wahoo’s CS was good. I called, was on hold for 10m and they are sending me a new one after Christmas break. I hope the 2nd unit they send works long term.

(Mike Mauel) #33

Continuing the discussion from Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power:

Wahoo customer Service responded within one business day, sent a replacement, arrived today. New Kickr Core works well and as expected.

I’m back in the game

(Marshall Hughes) #34

This same thing happened to me. it is very frustrating for a $1200 device (Wahoo Kickr) My lable said "bill sender " but when I dropped it off Fedex gave me a receipt and I paid nothing.
I hope you got yours working.

(Dave Smith) #35

How long did it take them to get you the replacement?

(Mike Mauel) #36

They responded on the first business day after I sent all info (including serial number). The new unit was shipped two days later, and received two days after that. All told: about a week.

I’ve used the new unit for 6 days in a row. I really want a trainer for the winter, and hope this unit does not fail.

(Dave Smith) #37

Thanks for the reply Mike, That’s great to hear. I was worried this process would drag on. I made sure they had all the info as well which really expedited things. The first email I got was to confirm my shipping address, I received the second email the same day telling me it would ship in three or four days. Let’s hope they have this bug fixed. Glad to hear your machine is working so far. Please update the forum if it quits on you. Happy Pedaling. dave

(Matt Kubal) #38

Add me to the list as having the exact same issue. I was able to setup, pair, and use my KICKR Core for exactly one ride yesterday. Today was a different story as all the apps and devices connect just fine, but none of them register power/speed. I’ve submitted a ticket.

I would agree that it definitely sounds like there is a hardware issue that hasn’t been resolved just yet. I’m thinking of paying the extra $300 for the 2018 Edition. I’d rather keep my cash, but value dependability.

(T C) #39

Add me to this list - opened my new Kickr Core on xmas, rode for 4 days straight, then today, zero power or watt output. I’ve tried resetting everything, deleting every app and re-downloading - the trainer is connected to all devices, just doesn’t output any info. Seems like this is not a new issue - so disappointed!

(Ray Cook) #40

Well, Wahoo was great and sent me a Kickr 18… an upgrade at no cost to me… It worked great from December 19th until today when it failed after about a mile on Zwift. Same symptoms as the two Kickr Cores before this one… worked for a while, then no speed or power indications. It pairs by both bluetooth and by ANT+, but there’s just no speed or power. Did all the debugging, powering off and on, rebooting, checking software updates, etc… no dice. Bother. 'Just submitted another ticket and we’ll see what happens.

(Kirstin CARROLL DIALED) #41

My kicker core worked great for about 2 hours of riding then no power or speed via any protocol. I was hesitant buying the core because of all the bad press but did really like it while it worked. I will exchange it at my lbs and hope the 2nd one works. I have had kicker 2016 and 2017 and they were rock solid. Do not know what they did different in 2018 but they best get a handle on it if they want to stay in business.